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curriculum review


The Kisii National Polytechnic is in the process of developing curriculum for CBET Courses. The first drafts of the curricular have been developed, following intense desk research. The institution wishes to collect views from relevant stakeholders to improve on the said drafts. In this regard, the institution is collecting feedback on the said curricular based on the following parameters; Comprehensiveness, Relevance and Quality.

Comprehensiveness: Ability of a curriculum to promote both trainee-directed and trainer-directed activities; large group, small group and individualized learning opportunities; and learning during every day routines and experiences.

Relevance: Applicability and appropriateness of a curriculum to the personal aspirations, interests, or cultural experiences of learners (personal relevance) or that are connected in some way to real-world issues, problems, and contexts (life relevance)

Quality: The curriculum should enable trainees to acquire and develop the knowledge, skills and values, and the associated capabilities and competencies, to lead meaningful and productive lives.

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Mechanical Engineering

Wesley Tonui

Head of Department

Welcome to the department of mechanical and automotive engineering. Our vision is to be a source of technical training and innovation in the field of mechanical and automotive engineering. Our focus is on students at both diploma and certificate level as well as local relevant industries.

The department have come a long way since its inception. You will see and array of courses offered under the following three sections.

1. Automotive Engineering

2. Mechanical Engineering Production option

3. Welding technology

The programs are tailor made to suit the needs of the industry and provide trainees with sufficient skills to make them versatile based on industrial trends and needs. For example, the department is currently offering a CBET short course in Arc welding skills. Other new programs are in the process of being development.

The department has continued to engage with the industry with a view to improve competencies in particular areas of need. The department is the process of establishing industry advisory committee which will play a role advising and linking our training processes with relevant industry.


1.Automotive firms such as General Motors, Toyota Kenya, Dt Dobie, CMC motors, ISUZU motors

2.Food processing firms such as tea factories, sugar companies

3.Transport Industry

4.Manufacturing firms

5.State Corporations

Our staff have undergone professional training in mechanical and automotive engineering field from the local leading universities such as Technical University of Kenya, Technical University of Mombasa and Dedan Kamathi University

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